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High Definition Massage (Lymphatic Drainage Massage)

Need to get rid of knots in your neck and back, RH Salon offers high definition massages to give you the relief you seek. High definition massages are highly therapeutic and great for relieving chronic pain and tension.

Our massage therapists are licensed, well trained, and apply just the right amount of pressure to deliver long-term relief. What truly makes us unique is that we match you with the right massage therapist and tailor the sessions to your needs.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a technique used to stimulate the lymphatic system. It helps reduce swelling, improves the appearance of your skin, detoxifies the body, and increases blood flow. It works by encouraging the flow of lymphatic fluid, which has incredible health benefits.

This procedure alleviates pain and reduces discomfort in plastic surgery patients and those diagnosed with lymphedema. If you're considering a lymphatic drainage massage in Aventura, our skilled aestheticians are here to help.

Lymphatic Drainage (60 min)


Lymphatic Drainage (90 min)


High Definition Massage (60 min)


High Definition Massage (90 min)


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